KENT Electric Rice Cooker SS, 5 L-700 Watt , 1 Year Warranty , Stainless Steel

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KENT introduces Electric Rice Cooker - SS, an innovative appliance that allows you to cook rice, steam, make soup and many other items in a convenient and hassle-free manner. The energy-efficient rice cooker with advanced features makes it an ideal kitchen appliance.

Non-Sticky Ceramic Coating

KENT Electric Rice Cooker comes with high quality, thick, non-sticky ceramic coated inner pan ensures that rice evenly distributes heat so that each grain gets evenly cooked.

High Temperature Operation

The high temperature operation of KENT Electric Rice Cooker-SS brings out all the flavours and makes food tasty.

Induction Heating Technology

KENT Electric Rice Cooker - SS comes with an advanced induction heating function that allows precise temperature adjustment within a short span of time.

Keep Warm Function

The automatic "Keep Warm" function of KENT Electric Rice Cooker-SS keeps food warm for a longer period of time.

Easy to Carry and Serve

KENT Electric Rice Cooker SS comes with a grip handle which makes it easy and convenient to carry and serve food.